Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sorry i've been so busy lately and haven't been able to share my closet with you!
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dommbby <3

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last week my best friend and I went to see an underground rap artist in Columbus.
Of course finding the perfect outfit was a priority.
We had no idea what we wanted but the infamous Forever 21 has never let us down.


Despite it being a rap concert we decided to go with the rock n' roll theme.
It actually turned out very well and XV & his crew thought we were pretty cute :)

Taylor is wearing a must-have fringe shirt. We could have probably made our own from the thrift store but we made our shopping trip last minute. It's actually a cropped shirt so pairing it with low rise jeans were perfect. The neckline on this shirt was fairly low and the seams for the shoulders were wider than usual so we kept the necklace simple to show more emphasis on her collar bone.
She paired her outfit with heels that didn't last on her feet very long so she switched to simple black booties. (sorry not pictured)

I decided to wear a faded American flag shirt that was also cropped, but it became longer in the back. i paired the shirt with a vest that i absolutely love. it's very fitted and the studs on the shoulders were perfect. I paired my outfit with short, small heeled boots. I normally wouldn't buy short boots because my legs are already short but the heel gives the illusion that it doesn't make my legs look stubby! Yay!

Everything is from Forever21's new season line! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012


This look has to be one of my favorites.
You can wear it to different events, casual Sunday morning church, or afternoon lunch with friends.

These jeans are probably my new favorite pair. They are called modern flare jeans and the go perfect with heels.
They're very dark washed and a little high waisted. With high waisted jeans I like to pair it with a top that I can tuck in. So I actually borrowed this shirt from my best friend. I really enjoy the neckline of this top because it actually gives off a classy look. It was hard trying to find a necklace to go well with it but i happened to find my fun sparkly necklace and threw it under the neckline. Which peeked out every now and then. Since the outfit didn't have very much color to it I added a nice light chestnut colored tassel belt.
Lastly, I wore nude, closed toed shoes. I was going to wear brown shoes that match the belt but the shoes went really well with the shirt. This is a one case where your shoes don't have to match your belt.

TIP: Shoes, belt and purse always have to match in some way. Exceptions to this rule is rare.

Top: The Loft
Jeans: The Loft
Belt: H&M
Heels: Von Maur
Purse: Louis Vutton

xoxo, Domonique


Early January and it reached 55 degrees. My first thought was I can wear a cute maxi skirt and sandals!

First of all i love my flowy maxi skirt. I think every girl should own one. It can be paired up with many different looks.
The waist of the maxi skirt is pretty simple so i added a braided gold belt to it.
I paired the skirt with a texture print shirt and tucked it in. 
Since it wasn't that warm out i threw on a nude/taupe colored cardigan. Surprisingly enough it went well with the rest of the outfit.
Lastly, I added a cute tribal necklace and my Jesus sandals. Since the top has a lot going on, keep the jewelry simple. With the gold belt I made sure my jewelry had gold accents rather than silver.
The maxi skirt barely hits the ground when I walk so i wore flat sandals to finish the look!

Top: Pac Sun
Cardigan: H&M
Skirt: Forever 21
Belt: ALDO 
Sandals: H&M (in Hong Kong :)

xoxo, Domonique

Thursday, January 12, 2012

sorry sorry sorry i've been slacking on this blog.
winter quarter and i've been swamped, already.
i actually have three sets of outfits on my camera that needs to be transferred to my computer.
i'll put them all up this week to make up for lost time.


Thursday, January 5, 2012


Currently blogging through my phone and its pretty neat.
If you didnt know I love nail polish. I probably have enough to share with the world. Today I was out and found this cute winter color. Its 995 Sunset Sail by China Glaze. It matches my skin color fairly well and it also has a shimmer peach color. I like it, but not love it. It will probably look better when i gain some color in the summer.
Nail polish colors I suggest for this winter are, olive green, dark burgendy, taupe, grey, and red.


Thursday, December 29, 2011


I ended my day with a nice dinner with my family.
Dressing myself and my sisters up for special dinners are my favorite. 
Tonight was pretty chilly so I left the cute dresses in the closet.
And instead.. 

click photos for a larger image. 

I found another option of something cute to wear. 
This is one my favorite simple looks. Soft colors with bold accessories always go well with each other. 
Since the dinner was semi formal you can never go wrong with strutting heels and a blazer.

Tonight, I wore a sheer long sleeved, half-button up shirt. This shirt is a must-have because you can either wear it for a casual or fancy occasion. Since the shirt is so simple it's okay to wear some bold jewelry. When it comes to necklaces and earring, don't go bold for both. I went for a long necklace but small diamond earring. I wore a Fendi scarf with this outfit so I kept with small earring to keep it looking sleek. Since my necklace was pretty simple I decided to wear fun gold bangles. Bangles are fun to wear and with a simple, flowey shirt like this. And anyone can definitely pull it off. When it comes to jewelry try to keep it one tone. For example, only gold, only silver, only copper ect. Clashing jewelry is not cute.

With the outfit being clean I wore bootlegged, low rise jeans. You don't want to give too much attention to just one part of your outfit (unless intended). So, very dark sleek jeans are perfect for this look!
Since it's pretty chilly outside I threw on a fitted blazer. The buttons on the blazer are gold and that inspired to keep with the gold jewlery. The blazer also has navy blue pockets which actually happens to match the shade of my jeans.
Lastly, I wore pattened black wedges. These are my favorite because the wedge has a cheetah print. These are so fun to wear and it adds a lot to such a simple outfit.

shirt: The Loft $29.90
jeans: Pac Sun $19.90
scarf: Fendi $70.00
shoes: Qupid $29.95
blazer: H&M $59.60

xoxo, Domonique